Patent Registration in Houston, Texas: When to “Lawyer Up”


Patents are one of the most effective ways for a small business or startup to protect their innovations, generate revenue and establish their reputation. For those without in-house patent expertise or deep pockets it can be difficult knowing where to start without a patent attorney like Lloyd & Mousilli. This article is designed to help you find your way through the patent process from determining whether patents would be worth pursuing at all, drafting an application that will stand up against challenges by potential infringers – even if they’re big companies with little competition of consequence along the same lines as yours – to enforcing them so that infringement doesn’t happen again once granted.

At what point should I register a patent?

A patent should be necessary when there is a need for it. For example, if you have an invention that has the potential to generate significant revenue based on its unique mechanism or your product/service with high levels of exclusivity (e.g., pharmaceuticals) then you will need patents in order to protect these aspects and make them exclusive only to what makes yours different from everyone else out there.

Patents may be the key to safeguarding your invention from a rival company. If you have an idea that is novel and has potential for significant success, intellectual property protection should not go unnoticed.

OK, how do I actually register a patent?

The first step for any startup is to conduct a patent search. This will help you identify whether your product or service has been patented already and, if not, it can provide ideas for what aspects of the company’s offering should be protected by patents, so that competitors won’t have an easy time copying them.

Patent searches can be tough, but let’s not even get into the process of registering the patent – leave that worry up to professional counsel!

A patent lawyer can help you in every step of the process: searching, registering, application, and even as licensing or selling your intellectual property. If you have a secret formula (like Coca-Cola’s secret recipe) that should not be exposed to the public by any means, protect it with trade secrets agreements with employees and/or business partners who are not allowed to disclose confidential information about the product.

How can I stay ahead of the game with patents?

In the world of business, Intellectual property is a valuable commodity. Potential competitors are always busy looking to see what you’re doing and if they can replicate your success in their own endeavors. For this reason it’s important that you stay ahead of trends by continuously seeking out new opportunities for patenting, as well using a more esoteric intellectual property strategy, such as imitation or improvement instead of innovation, when necessary or appropriate.

Hire a Patent Lawyer

A patent attorney can be the key to success for a startup. You want your intellectual property protected so that competitors also won’t have access to it, and filing patents before releasing products or services will do just that! Hiring one is an investment well worth making – it’ll pay off in the long run.